2019 Monroe Street Safety Results

2019 Monroe Street Safety Results

Survey Summary

  • Conducted summer of 2019
  • Surveys were submitted either via paper or google doc
  • Surveys were available in English, Spanish, and Somali 
  • 186 responses

Street safety summary
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Original Survey


What are your concerns about Monroe St. NE?

  1. Speeding 51.9%
  2. Danger to pedestrians crossing Monroe 48.7%
  3. Danger to bicyclists 44.9%
  4. Deteriorating Sidewalks 44.4%
  5. Traffic flow/amount 29.9%
  6. Lack of curb/sunken curb 26.2%
  7. Street lighting 23%
  8. Danger to pedestrians walking along Monroe 21.9%
  9. Parking 20.9%
  10. All of the above 10.2%
  11. None of the above 2.7% 
  12. Other: 
    1. Drivers going through stop signs without stopping or only slowing down without a full stop
    2. Rolling stops at stop signs- especially Monroe and 13th
    3. People running stop signs on 13th and 15th
    4. Hard to see stop signs (parking to close stop signs)
    5. Sidewalk is very narrow and should be wider
    6. Lack of buffer between sidewalks and cars
    7. Very narrow sidewalks! Doesn’t feel safe with folks speeding down. But luckily cars parked along the side as a buffer so it feels safer.
    8. Snow shoveling issues in winter. Very narrow this year and buses had trouble turning onto street off of Broadway
    9. allowing parking on the west side of the street. it should be removed
    10. littering
    11. enforcing shoveling in winter
    12. Turning Left onto Broadway going Southbound sometimes takes several green lights during busy time
    13. Railroad bridge lighting
    14. Danger from bike and scooter drivers
    15. Lack of development. Investment in the neighborhood.


Survey takers were also asked to share if they have witnessed or been part of a safety incident on Monroe? 

  • 72 of the 186 please responded with some story of a safety incident

Survey takers were also asked to share if they had other safety concern for Monroe?  

  • 57 of the survey takers had another safety concern 


The stories and safety concerns shared by survey participants mostly fell into these categories:

Category Number of examples
Accidents: car, bike, pedestrian, property 26
General safety concerns 24
Stop sign concerns: running, rolling stops, not stopping for pedestrians, parking too close to stop signs 24
Traffic: volume and speed 18
Pedestrian safety 17
Bike safety/concerns 14
Parking concerns 11
Sidewalk concerns 6