So What Exactly does the Logan Park Neighborhood Organization do?

So What Exactly does the Logan Park Neighborhood Organization do?

Updated 6.2.22

  • LPNA is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation. (Donations to LPNA are tax-deductible).
  • A copy of the LPNA Bylaws is on the LPNA website. Here is a link:  LPNA Bylaws
  • LPNA is officially recognized by the City of Minneapolis to receive Neighborhood Network Funds. Our 2022 allocation is $20,000. (2023 = $10,000). The Neighborhood and Community Relations Department (NCR) administers the CPP funds and oversees neighborhood organizations.
    More details can be found here:
  • LPNA also receives funding for projects through the Neighborhood Revitalization Program Funds. In 2017, LPNA surveyed the neighborhood and developed a Priority Plan to use the remaining NRP funds. Our Neighborhood Priority Plan (NPP), approved by NCR, is on the LPNA website. Several projects are currently in progress.   LPNA Priority Plan
  • To receive NNF, EEP or NPP funds, LPNA must submit a reimbursement request to the Neighborhood Community Relations Department. Expenditures must follow the guidelines and are subject to approval by the NCR.
  • The Center for Energy & Environment (CEE) administers our Home Improvement loan and grant programs. This was one of the original NRP programs and was required under the original NRP legislation. The program was updated in 2022.
  • LPNA is working with Beltrami, NE Park and St. Anthony East neighborhoods to find ways to collaborate and share resources and consider a possible merge. The “4 Corners Collaborative” received a grant for a consultant and other expenses for this endeavor.

Previous LPNA Factsheet:

The short answer is LPNA is your local source for community engagement and collective action. Getting involved with LPNA means learning what’s going on and having a voice in what happens in your neighborhood.

The only slightly longer answer is:

  • LPNA is the city-recognized organization to represent those who live and work in Logan Park Neighborhood.
  • LPNA receives city funding to provide community engagement.
  • LPNA also has full non-profit (501c3) status. This means we can apply for grants and receive charitable contributions (not all neighborhood organizations have this designation).
  • Just to clarify, though LPNA often collaborates with Logan Park park staff, we do not have authority or provide oversight over the actual park that is Logan Park.

LPNA Board members are elected by the neighborhood to:

  1. Oversee LPNA’s activities
  2. Ensure LPNA follows the city’s rules & guidelines for expenditures and reporting
  3. Promote & develop the neighborhood and LPNA

If this sounds like fun, come to the April  meeting and nominate yourself for the Board!

But you don’t have to be a board member to have all this fun. Attending the monthly LPNA meetings (3rd Wednesday of the month) will keep you well-informed. There is now free childcare provided at the park for the monthly LPNA meeting!

You can also help out on a committee or a project that you find interesting. We have several:

  1. The Small Area Plan Committee is exploring doing such a plan and also the idea of a Conservation District (possibly the 1st one in Minneapolis)
  2. Help develop an Arts & Culture Project – to be determined by the committee. We have the $$, we just need to figure out how to spend it! (We also need a chair for this committee…)
  3. Neighborhood Priority Planning – What would you like to see happen here in the next 3-5 years?

Plus there are volunteer opportunities working on ongoing LPNA activities:

Communications – Help create content for the newsletter, website and social media

Finances – Help set the budget

Outreach – Help find ways to meet, inform and encourage neighbors to get involved

Check the website for committee meetings schedules and to sign up for email updates.