Ranked Choice Voting

Rank Your Choices: Easy As 1-2-3

By Casey Joe Carl, Minneapolis City Clerk

2017 is a municipal election year, and that means time for Ranked-Choice Voting. RCV is easy as 1-2-3. You have the option of ranking the candidates in each race on the ballot as your first, second, and third choice (including the ability to include a write-in candidate). With RCV, voters choose the candidate they prefer, just like they would with a traditional ballot. However, they also have the ability to rank other candidates in the same race, if they wish. If a candidate receives a majority of first-place choices, that candidate wins. If not, the least popular candidate(s) is/are eliminated and the ballots for that candidate are divided among the remaining candidates based on a voter’s subsequent choices. That process continues until one candidate gains a majority of support. Or, in the case of multi-winner elections, until all seats are filled.

Minneapolis voters approved the use of RCV for municipal elections in 2006. It was first used in the 2009 Municipal Election and then again in the 2013 Municipal Election. In a 2013 post-election survey, 92% of participating voters knew they would be given the option of ranking their ballots and 82% of voters did so. Of the respondents, 87% found RCV simple to use and 81% indicated they understood RCV fairly or perfectly well. Those high marks reflect an informed electorate. In the end, a solid majority—53% of voters—said RCV should continue to be used for municipal elections in Minneapolis.

RCV fosters wider participation in political processes by expanding ballot access through a single, high-turnout general election in November. It also promotes greater civility in political campaigning, as shown in the 2013 election here in Minneapolis. And, most importantly, it increases choice and the strength of a voter’s voice in the electoral process. In order to prepare, the City’s Elections & Voter Services Division encourages you to review the educational materials available on our website, at vote.minneapolismn.gov, and to use your sample ballot to practice making your choices in each race. You can bring your marked sample ballot to the polls with you to help complete your official ballot, too. Election workers will be attending a number of community events this summer to help promote awareness and turnout for the municipal election on November 7. That includes education about Ranked-Choice Voting and the options it provides to all voters.

Update on the 18th Ave NE Reconstruction project



Concrete Paving

After heavy rain on Monday night, the schedule was pushed back a day. However, Park Construction & Curbmasters finished laying the concrete section of the street between Quincy & Monroe. They followed this by installing concrete curb and driveway aprons between Quincy and Central on Wednesday & Thursday.

The concrete crew use a combination of slip formed curb through a machine and hand poured sections using formwork around intersections, catch basins and driveways. After the concrete has cured, they will continue to prepare the sidewalks for paving and also build up the asphalt layers between the curb to full height. A total of 8 inches more asphalt will be placed between the curb to the finished driving surface.

After the concrete has been laid it will take a number of hours until it can be walked on without leaving marks. Please be extra careful around the fresh concrete while it is being poured and setting. Curbs are sprayed white after installation, this is a curing compound which regulates the moisture content in the concrete while it is setting.


Asphalt Paving

Mid week next week, Park Construction plan to begin laying asphalt from Johnson and heading towards Central Avenue. As they lay the asphalt, it will not be able to be driven on until later in the day when it has cooled and stiffened. We will provide letters to properties through 18th Avenue requesting cars be relocated during paving operations.

Electric conduit

The electrical contractor is also installing gray pvc conduit which will sit behind the curb. This will be used for traffic signals as well as future use.

Xcel Energy

In the coming weeks. Xcel will begin the process of relocating the power poles as the new curb is placed through the project. This will involve planting new poles, transferring cables and removing the old poles to allow the shared use trail to be constructed. Further notice will be provided by Xcel to any customers who may be affected during transfers.

Please be aware once the concrete has been placed it will not be able to be driven over for a minimum of 7 days to allow the concrete to reach sufficient strength. We will speak to the affected business & residential properties prior to placing the concrete to ensure alternate access arrangements are in place.

Further access restrictions will be in place when laying the asphalt paving and concrete curb/driveways through the rest of the project. Notice will be given prior to these being scheduled.

If you have any access concerns please call  651 443 1096 (John Benjamin, Chief Field Inspector) to discuss further.


Historic Riverfront 5K Run/Walk


Historic Riverfront 5K Run/Walk will take you through historic Northeast Minneapolis, along the Mississippi River and over the Stone Arch Bridge. This is perfect time of year to see the fall colors and the beauty of the tree canopy, river, and cityscape.  Race starts/ends at Boom Island Park (700 Sibley Street NE)

Prizes are awarded to top finishers as well as prize drawings for all that register and attend.

We have partnered with Mill City Museum to provide highlights of the incredible history along the route as well as Kramarczuk’s to treat you to their famous brats when at the finish line.

Whether you participate as a timed chip runner or take a casual walk with your dog or baby stroller, this is a route that everyone enjoys.

Proceeds benefit neighborhood parks and activities in the St Anthony West Neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, which includes the beautiful Boom Island, BF Nelson, and Dickman parks.  Learn more at stawno.org 


Event details and schedule

  • Start/End at Boom Island – 700 Sibley St. NE, Minneaplis
  • Start time at 9am, Saturday, Oct 7 (check-in starts at 7:30am)
  • Early check-in available on Friday, Oct 6th, 4-6pm at Mill City Running
  • Long sleeve Run-Dri shirt and Buy One/Get One admission to Mill City Museum included in registration
  • An estimated $1,000 worth of prizes will be given out, with ALL participants in drawing as well as specific prizes for top winners in male/female, 55+, and 20 and under
  • Enjoy Kramarczuk’s brats hot off the grill at the end of the race
  • Chip timed for accuracy and running enjoyment
  • Limited parking in parking lot w/in Boom Island, additional parking available on side streets.

Learn to Create Beautiful, Low-Input Lawns Turf alternatives support clean water & biodiversity

Learn to Create Beautiful, Low-Input Lawns Turf alternatives support clean water & biodiversity

Increasing numbers of property owners are looking to replace their
lawn with something that is beautiful, ecologically friendly, and
lower maintenance.

Installing Turf Alternatives – your guide to a low maintenance
lawn, a workshop presented by Metro Blooms in partnership with
Blue Thumb – Planting for Clean Water® covers the advantages of
using perennial ground covers to maximize ecological impact. It also
demonstrates handy how-tos for replacing traditional turf by
installing and maintaining two popular types of turf alternatives:
Low Maintenance Lawns and Bee Lawns.


Tuesday, October 24 2017
Lynnhurst Recreation Center
1345 W Minnehaha Pkwy
Minneapolis, MN 55419

How to
Cost: $25 per household. Register for this event online at
metroblooms.org/events; by sending your name, organization, title,
email address and phone number to [email protected]; or
calling 651-699-2426.

Why Turf Alternatives?
Turf alternatives provide a range of ecological benefits when compared to sterile
expanses of traditional turf. They are drought tolerant, slow growing (less mowing),
require less fertilizer, and are adaptable and weed-suppressing. They can also support
beneficial insects, fix nitrogen in the soil, better infiltrate runoff, and require less
maintenance from property owners.

What is Blue Thumb?
Blue Thumb—Planting for Clean Water® is a public/private partnership that promotes
native plants, raingardens, shoreline stabilization projects and turf alternatives to
reduce runoff and improve water quality. Partners include local governmental units
(watershed districts, conservation districts, cities and counties), non-profit
organizations, and private companies such as nurseries, landscape design and build
companies, sustainable lawncare and tree care services. www.bluethumb.org

Bee Buzz Event

BEE BUZZ – Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Join us at Vic’s Dining for an evening of honey-themed festivities and views of Minneapolis’ historic riverfront! Taste local and exotic varieties of honey, sip creative cocktails, and savor delicious dishes—all made possible by pollinators. Proceeds from the event will support our efforts to protect bees and other pollinators.


Bee Buzz

Vic’s Dining
201 SE Main Street
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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Mississippi Minute film festival deadline extended!

Still considering making a film?
You can have a few more days!

The entry deadline for this year’s Mississippi Minute Film Festival has been extended until 5 p.m., Monday, Sept. 18. You could use your cellphone or a video camera, shoot something simple or complex. The important thing, however, is to tell a story. Create a vision that tugs at heartstrings or makes people laugh, that showcases an appreciation for the riverfront in Minneapolis. The only catch – films must be 60 seconds or less!

Yes, Monday, Sept. 18.

Start filming – more information at www.mississippiminute.org.

Prize for Best in Show!

This year Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership has added an extra incentive: a cash prize for Best in Show! The filmmaker of the entry voted Best in Show by our panel of judges will be awarded $250.


Originality applauded. Tell a story.  For entry information, forms, and “How to Submit,” seewww.mississippiminute.org.

We’ll show even more films!

Films premiered and awards announced at the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership’s annual event, the Minneapolis Riverfront Summit, on Monday, Oct. 23, at Mill City Museum at 6 p.m.We’ve heard filmmakers’ feedback and have retooled the Summit to make room for even more films to be shown!

Investment Fuels Action: 2018 Budget (From the Mayor)

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I was proud to deliver to the City Council and the people of Minneapolis my fourth budget address. I’m even prouder of the budget itself. You can read my address here, watch it here, or look at the full budget document here.

As I said in my address, our budgets are demonstrations of what we value. They can’t just be words. They should be foundations for action that can drive real results for real people. In this budget I’ve included investments that reflect the values of our city, and can bring us closer to our shared vision of One Minneapolis.


Because climate change poses an existential threat to our city and our planet, I proposed nearly $6 million in total funding for clean energy, cleaner businesses, and more efficient commercial and residential spaces in the city. This represents a 60% increase over the last budget before I took office. We’re going to continue our focus on environmental justice, making communities that have faced a disproportionate share of environmental vulnerability a main priority.


I’m proposing $24 million in housing investment, to help ensure that all Minneapolis residents have high-quality housing choices throughout the city, regardless of race or income. We’re taking this on from all angles—investing in strategies to retain and create affordable housing, and doing more to make sure long-time residents aren’t priced out of their own neighborhoods by new development.

Public Safety and Community Trust

Public safety and community trust in law enforcement aren’t mutually exclusive ideas. In fact, everything I’ve learned as Mayor shows that we can’t have one without the other. That’s why I proposed investing $4 million in strategies that will advance both. This includes funding Chief Arradondo’s two top requests—eight Community Liaisons focused on addressing neighborhood issues, and securing body cameras for all sworn MPD personnel, not just 911 responders. We’re also investing in three new officers at MPD, to keep building our capacity for real community policing.

Minneapolis Values

Though I know it pains us to consider, Donald Trump will likely be in the White House through 2020.  I’m proposing investments that will limit the damage he can do to our city and our people over the next three years. He’s come after immigrants, the transgender community, the institution of voting, the media, the arts and workers—and in my budget I have investments to support and strengthen those communities and those values.

The budget is also structurally balanced, to help inoculate us from Donald Trump’s threats to strip federal funds from cities who don’t see the world the way he does, and to allow us to take on big projects, like the 20-Year, $800 million Parks & Streets Investment Plan.

Thank you for sharing with me the priorities and values that shape your lives. Those values have shaped this budget. I look forward to continuing our work together, and getting results for all of Minneapolis.


Mayor Betsy Hodges

First Ward September Newsletter

Council Member’s Message

Traffic safety has always been one of the paramount concerns of First Ward residents and businesses. Everyone, myself included, would like to see safer streets and fewer crashes. And to that end, I’m proud of the work we’ve already done to create a better environment for pedestrians, bikers and vehicles alike. One example is the innovative program we launched this year to upgrade our crosswalks citywide with more visible durable markings. Another is the traffic calming work we continue to do on Johnson Street, including new lane markings and a pedestrian island. We have a curb-separated ped/bike path coming on 18th Avenue and have seen a record number of ADA installations and curb bump-outs across the Ward. However, more needs to be done.

This September the Transportation & Public Works Committee that I chair will take the first steps to establish a Vision Zero policy, aimed at eliminating fatalities and serious injuries while expanding safe and equitable mobility for everyone. This exciting and innovative approach has the potential to dramatically reshape our response to traffic safety.

Vision Zero was first implemented in Sweden in the 1990s, has had impressive results in Europe and is now being considered in a number of major US cities. It utilizes cross-disciplinary collaboration between traffic engineers, transit planners, public safety and public health professionals, policymakers, and the community to address the complex issues of traffic safety and it employs data-driven strategies and community input to craft solutions.

The first step in the process will be a resolution committing to Vision Zero, followed by the development of an action plan. The goal is the elimination of fatalities and serious injuries from crashes within our city by 2027. Stay tuned for more about this initiative which will greatly enhance work moving forward in our Ward and across the city.

New Police Chief Medaria Arradondo

Chief Medaria Arradondo

The City Council has approved Medaria “Rondo” Arradondo, who has served as acting chief since July 21, as the City’s new police chief. Arradondo joined the MPD in 1989 as a patrol officer in the 3rd Precinct. He has served as a school resource officer and a northside beat officer. He also has internal affairs and property-crime investigation experience. Arradondo has served as 1st Precinct inspector, deputy chief and chief of staff. He is now the City’s first African American police chief.

Ward One was the first community to get an opportunity to talk with the new chief, at a forum hosted by Council Member Reich just four days before the final confirmation vote. Chief Arradondo recapped his career with the Minneapolis Police Department and talked about his vision for MPD going forward. He was accompanied by Inspector Todd Loining, who heads the Second Precinct, and Troy Schoenberger, the newly appointed Commander of the Special Crimes Investigations Division.

Community members had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss their concerns and issues with the police department. Several discussed the need for the new Chief to restore public trust in the department, while others raised issues about how officers relate to people of color. Incentivizing officers to live in the city and response times for low-level crimes were other topics touched upon.

Council Member Reich intends to offer additional community forums later this year to continue the discussion of various aspects of policing in Minneapolis. Next up will be a discussion about the City’s co-responder program that pairs mental health professionals with officers and new technologies that can assist in interactions between officers and people with


Fall Street Sweep Alert

This year’s fall street sweep will begin Tuesday, October 17, with the first streets being posted “No Parking” on Monday, October 16. The sweep typically takes four weeks to complete. Watch for more details in early October.

Public Input Sought on Zero Waste Draft Plan

In June of 2015 the Minneapolis City Council established a goal to recycle and compost 50% of its citywide waste by 2020 and 80% by 2030. The resolution also called for zero-percent growth in the City’s total waste stream from levels set in 2010. In 2015 the city of Minneapolis formed the Zero Waste Policy Work Group to develop a plan to meet those goals and set new ones. The city is has begun the drafting of a zero-waste plan and will host a series of engagement sessions for residents and business representatives.

 The draft plan can downloaded here: https://www.scribd.com/document/358292142/Zero-Waste-Draft-Plan

 Resident/Community Meetings

 6-8 p.m. Sept. 11, Minneapolis Urban League, 2100 Plymouth Ave. N.

 6-8 p.m. Sept. 14, Matthews Park, 2318 29th Ave. S.

 6-8 p.m., Sept. 18, City Church, 1501 W. 54th St.

 6-8 p.m. Sept. 21, Sabathani Community Center, 310 E. 38th St.

 Session for Haulers/Business Community

1:30-3:30 p.m., Sept. 19, CR Currie Conf Ctr 135 PW (100), 1220 Currie Ave. North

 For those residents unable to attend one of the above sessions, an online survey is available. Please share your thoughts by completing the survey.

City Introduces new Legislative Information Management System

The City of Minneapolis is launching a new Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) that will greatly improve public access to legislative and policy-related information, a big step forward in improving the accessibility and transparency of government. This project has been in process for several years and was publicly unveiled on Monday, September 11.

This new system will allow public users to easily access all legislative calendars and agendas and to follow items through the entire legislative process. Users will also be able to find briefing materials, committee reports and a portal to the City Charter and Municipal Code all in one place. LIMS will also enable public users to assemble data and customize reports of that data.

LIMS can be accessed from the City’s website beginning September 11.

City of Minneapolis Public Art Tours

The City of Minneapolis has teamed up with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on six self-guided, interactive tours exploring public art. There are approximately 300 individual pieces of public art to visit in Minneapolis. The Eastside tour alone features 11 works, 74 individual pieces and 12 artists.

The interactive maps feature detailed information about each artwork and directions to the pieces. The maps also provide information on how long each tour will take for those who choose to bike, walk or drive. To learn more about the artworks and featured artists, visit the Minneapolis Public Art Tour interactive website. Tour goers are encouraged to share their adventures using the hashtag #TourMplsArt.

The photo at left is one of the 26 different painted metal motifs created by artist Susan Fiene, as part of the Northeast Gateway public art project located at the intersection of Broadway and Central Avenues NE. The motifs, created in reference to 26 different ethnic heritages, convey the cultural diversity of the Northeast community.

September 22 is World Car-Free Day

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 60% of Minneapolis workers drove alone to work in 2015. Move Minneapolis, an organization that promotes sustainable transportation in downtown Minneapolis, would like to raise public awareness of other, more environmentally-friendly options through an annual celebration of World Car-Free Day. Single occupant drivers are encouraged to consider carpooling, walking, biking, or taking public transportation onSeptember 22. Visit http://moveminneapolis.org/car-free-day/ to take the pledge to not drive alone that day and register for a prize drawing.

World Car-Free Day is observed in 1.500 cities in more than 40 countries. Council Member Kevin Reich will be presenting a resolution at theSeptember 20th City Council meeting designating that September 2 henceforth be World Car-Free Day in the City of Minneapolis.

Save the Date Calendar

Health & Wellness Expo 2017: Your Community for A Lifetime

Tuesday, September 12, 10 a.m. – noon, East Side Neighborhood Services, 1700 2nd St. NE. Visit with dozens of vendors and participate in wellness exercises, demonstrations, drawings and door prizes.  Health screenings and flu shots will also be available

International Dot Day: Make Your Mark!

Friday, September 15, 9:30 – 4:30 p.m., Northeast Library, 2200 Central Ave. NE. Celebrate International Dot Day, a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration, by reading the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and creating your own dot to take home or add to a beautiful display.

Northern Metal Recycling Community Meeting

Tuesday, September 19, 5 – 6:30 p.m., Elim Church, 685 13th Ave NE. Northern Metal Recycling has scheduled the second in a series of community meetings the company agreed to provide under the court settlement.

St. Mary’s Taste of Northeast

Friday, September 29 & Saturday, September 30, 1701 5th Street NE. This fall festival features music, food, games, iconography demonstrations and raffles

For reasonable accommodations or alternative formats please contact Lisa Brock at [email protected] or 612-673-2201. People who are deaf or hard of hearing can use a relay service
to call 311 agents at 612-673-3000. TTY users can call 612-673-2157 or 612-673-2626.

Para asistencia 612-673-2700 •  Rau kev pab 612-673-2800 • Hadii aad Caawimaad u baahantahay

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2018 NE Calendar Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 5, 2017
Angela Lundberg, Board Member
Northeast CDC [email protected] 763.300.3415 (cell)


THE 2018 NORTHEAST CALENDAR Call for artwork for the NE CDC’s annual calendar contest Minneapolis, MN: The Northeast Community Development Corporation (Northeast CDC) is holding its annual calendar contest for the 2018 Northeast Calendar. Submissions are due October 1, 2017.

Artists are encouraged to submit images of artwork that represent the 14 different Northeast Minneapolis neighborhoods. Any medium is acceptable (photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, etc.) and everyone is welcome to participate, even if not a NE Minneapolis resident. Cash prizes will be awarded: $200 for the cover, $50 per month. Winning entries will be selected via a voting system. There is no fee to enter.

Beginning in 2011, the calendar project was launched to celebrate and commemorate the Northeast Minneapolis community. The Northeast Calendar highlights local artwork as well as information about Northeast’s 14 unique neighborhoods. We’re also happy to announce that local artist Kevin Cannon will be designing the calendar again this year.

For more information about the calendar and how to submit your artwork, please visit our website: northeastcdc.org/calendar

Questions? Email us: [email protected]


The 2018 Northeast Calendar is a fundraiser benefitting the Northeast CDC, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports the arts, community, and economic development in Northeast Minneapolis. // northeastcdc.org

Tree Care Class

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Forestry Department is joining with the University of Minnesota’s Department of Forest Resources to institute a program – the Citizen Pruner – that engages you, the residents of Minneapolis as tree care-givers.  More accurately, you are the heart-and-soul of the program.

The Citizen Pruner program is a modest-input yet high-impact volunteer program that involves a little training, a little practice, and a handful of modest yet very productive, volunteer tree care events.  Citizen Pruners focus on removing little issues before they become big problems.  All training is provided by the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources’ experts in tree care, as well as follow-up guidance and technical assistance.  That said, the program is a community-based program.  Minneapolis and its residents are the owners and receive all the benefits.

Save the date(s) for Tuesday evening, September 19th and Thursday evening, September 21st.  If you are interested in having some fun and helping your community, go to http://www.mntca.umn.edu/citizen-pruner/minneapolis-citizen-pruner for more information on the training workshop and the first tree care event.  There will be a $25 fee for the training to cover the cost of the tools, manual, and snacks.  You’ll have fun, make some new friends and help Minneapolis’ trees make your community even greener and healthier.

Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program newsletter


The City of Minneapolis invites public artists to apply to design and create public art for the East Side Storage and Maintenance Facility. This facility will be a multi-purpose municipal operations campus for City vehicles, equipment, and storage located at 340 27th Avenue Northeast in Minneapolis.

Optional Informational Meeting for Artists: 4 p.m., August 24, Pierre Bottineau Library, 55 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis.

Questions must be submitted by August 27th to [email protected]MinneapolisMN.gov.

Amount: $140,000, including design
Deadline: 4 p.m., September 12


The Lake Street Council with the support of the McKnight Foundation and Twin Cities LISC and working with Minneapolis-based GoodSpace Murals, is seeking 10-13 artists to propose art projects for a coordinated Lake Street public artwork series. The artists chosen will engage residents, visitors, and businesses on Lake Street from December 2017 through August 2018.

The project goals are:

  • Create a stronger sense of place along Lake Street by drawing attention to the community’s significant cultural assets, including arts and cultural organizations, public art, gathering places, and the diverse set of businesses.
  • Attract additional visitors and residents to Lake Street.
  • Support the success of small businesses, particularly those negatively impacted by changes in the current political environment and immigration policies.
  • Develop and implement creative ideas for increasing community safety and the perception of safety.

The Lake Street Council invites artists of all genres to apply to be a part of this project. This includes visual artists, musicians, performance artists, dancers, etc. Artists may apply as individuals or groups. Artists who live and/or work in the Lake Street community will be given preference. They encourage new/emerging artists to apply.

Amount: Artists are invited to propose projects with approximate budgets of $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000.
Deadline: September 30

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Find Funding for Your Next Residency, Travel Aboard in the: Cultural Mobility, International Funding Guide




Guide to Funding Opportunities for U.S. Theatre Artists + Cultural Professionals to Travel Abroad

The Cultural mobility Guide lists national, local and international resources form both governmental and private institutions. Focus is placed on opportunities related to theatre, dance, performance and multi-disciplinary creative practices.

Also check On the Move’s existing guides for artists and cultural professionals in 32 European, 22 Asian, 13 Arab countries and also in Africa and the US.

This guide has been created in collaboration with www.on-the-move.org (Marie Le Sourd, Initiator) and www.theatrewithoutborders.com.

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Submit a route idea for 2018 Open Streets season


The City of Minneapolis and the City’s Open Streets event organizer, Our Streets Minneapolis, are seeking route ideas for the 2018 Open Streets season. Anybody can submit an idea.

Organizations can also share their interest in being a local route host.

Since 2011 when the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition hosted the first Open Streets event on a 2-mile stretch of Lyndale Avenue South, the initiative has grown considerably, drawing 81,000 people to eight events in 2016.

The goals of Open Streets include growing community connections, civic pride and community engagement, celebrating the city’s diversity, inspiring healthy living, stimulating local business and promoting active transportation.

Deadline: September 21, 2017

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Bush Fellowship


Change your life, impact your community: Apply for a 2018 Bush Fellowship

The Bush Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2018 Bush Fellowship. They award the Bush Fellowship to people with a record of accomplishment and the potential to make their community better for everyone.

Amount: Up to $100,000
Deadline: Noon, September 14

Online information sessions:
8 a.m., August 30
Noon, September 7

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Mapping Prejudice Needs Your Help to Make History

From Historyopolis, a project that seeks to illuminate the history of Minneapolis, a team of historians are seeking volunteers to make the first-ever map of racial covenants for an American city.

Racially-restrictive deeds –or racial covenants, as they are also known–prohibited people who were not white from purchasing or occupying homes. One common deed in Minneapolis stipulated that the “premises shall not at any time be conveyed, mortgaged or leased to any person or persons of Chinese, Japanese, Moorish, Turkish, Negro, Mongolian or African blood or descent.”

These kinds of restrictions were used all over the United States, serving as the building blocks for a forgotten system of American apartheid. But no one has ever mapped when and where they were embedded into the urban landscape.

Mapping Prejudice wants to illuminate these forgotten boundaries of race. It is a collaborative effort by researchers at Augsburg College and the University of Minnesota to find and map all the properties in Minneapolis reserved for white people during the twentieth century.

Community volunteers are making this possible. Mapping Prejudice has identified 5,000 racially-restrictive deeds and need help from volunteers to read and classify the historic deeds that have flagged as likely to contain this language.

This is a simple task that can be done from any computer with an internet connection. For a more detailed description, please see the online tutorial.

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Explore Minneapolis’ Public Art Collection with Six New Interactive Map Tours


Did you know that there are approximately 300 individual pieces of public art (and counting) to visit in Minneapolis?  You can now explore the City of Minneapolis’ public art collection through six new interactive map tours. Each of these unique tours is geographically organized for anyone to explore at their leisure. Within each tour you will find detailed information about each artwork and directions to the works through Google Maps. You can choose to follow the numbered tour order provided, or choose your own order and visit individual artworks that peak your interest. To find out the number of artworks, featured artists, and length of each unique tour, visit this interactive website.Top: Camden Gateway – Saturn; Bottom Left: PS Wish You Were Here; Bottom Right: Birds of a Different Feather

Make sure to share your adventure on social media with #TourMplsArt.

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Franz Mayer of Munich Studio Presentation

Franz Mayer of Munich

Forecast Public Art, publisher of Public Art Review, is pleased to invite local artists, architects, designers, administrators and others interested in working in the public realm to attend a presentation of the work created by the studio Franz Mayer of Munich.

Erica Behrens, Director of their USA/Canada office will present and discuss various completed projects and explain the variety of techniques and unique collaborative approach this studio offers artists, architects/designer and clients.  She will also explain their intimate approach to assisting and supporting artists through each stage of a project from the proposal process through to fabrication.

6-7 p.m., September 7, Forecast Public Art, 2300 Myrtle Ave, suite 160, St. Paul, MN  55114.

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Get a Rare Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Minneapolis City Government Works

The Minneapolis City Academy program, which runs five Wednesdays, 6:30 – 9 pm, fromSept. 20 – Oct. 18, gives residents a rare behind-the-scenes look at how Minneapolis City government functions and provides an opportunity to meet City staff and leaders and ask questions. Each session will focus on one aspect of City government.

The program is open to all Minneapolis residents 18 years or older. Participation is free. Registration opened July 26 on the City’s website and will be first-come, first-served. People of culturally diverse backgrounds are encouraged to register.

Participants will:

  • Tour the City’s Emergency Operations Training Facility.
  • Learn the latest in firefighting techniques.
  • Discover how the City’s Water Treatment & Distribution Services operates and tour the water treatment plant.
  • Find out how future developments are planned and constructed.
  • Learn about police procedures.
  • Find out how taxes are levied and budgets approved.
  • Learn about City Boards and Commissions.
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Coming up

Join Gulgun Kayim, Director of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy for office hours in the community, Fridays from 9-10:30 a.m. Dates and locations listed below.

August 25, Coffee Talk, 9-10:30 a.m., Common Roots Cafe, 2558 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis.

Please note: Beginning in September Coffee Talk Community Office Hours will be on hold for the remainder of 2017 due to other scheduling commitments. Thank you for your understanding.

For reasonable accommodations or alternative formats please contact:

Gulgun Kayim
Director, Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program
[email protected]gov
(612) 673-2488

Office of the City Coordinator

People who are deaf or hard of hearing can use a relay service to call 311 at 612-673-3000.

TTY users can call 612-673-2157 or 612-673-2626.

Para asistencia 612-673-2700, Yog xav tau kev pab, hu 612-673-2800, Hadii aad Caawimaad u baahantahay 612-673-3500.

Fare For All Site Sale Reminder


Fare For All in N.E. Mpls.!

Friday, August 18th
11:00am – 1:00pm

Sprinkler Fitters Union Hall
1404 Central Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

August Hot Buy




Brunch Box Contents:
Boneless Ham – Sugardale – 1.5lb
Pork Sausages – Old Folks (32 links) – 2lb total
Turkey Bacon – Oscar Meyer (3 sleeves) – 2.25lb total
Diced Ham – Sugardale – 8oz
Pork Bacon – Greenfield (thick stack) – 1lb
Hashbrowns – Lynden – 32oz
Shredded Co-Jack Cheese – EE – 16oz
Tri-Color Pepper Mix – EE – 14oz

Back by popular demand.
Thank you for your feedback.
Different flavor mixes for your enjoyment!

Limit 1 per Household, please.






Fare For All flyers and printed materials can only take us so far. Fare For All’s best advertisement is truly customer word of mouth and that has been the case for over three decades.

If you know of a residential building, church, school, or other community location whose members could benefit from knowing about our program, please take one of our posters, customized for your area, and see if you can display it on our behalf. Another way to help is to take a handful of our customized flyers and share them with your own families, neighbors and friends.

Remember, the more the merrier when it comes to Fare For All. The more people who shop Fare For All, the better. The more you buy, the more we buy, which helps us keep Pack prices stable and Pack values high for everyone.

Fare For All is truly is a people helping people program!

Thanks for your continued support and thank you in advance for any ways you can help us “affordably” spread the word about Fare For All in your community.

Volunteer at Open Streets Northeast this Sunday!

Northeast is back with a bigger and better route! Sunday, August 6th. Open Streets is rolling out in Northeast. Open Streets Minneapolis gives residents an opportunity to explore their neighborhood and local businesses in a safe, fun, and family-friendly way. It encourages the use of active transportation and healthy living, and has a goal of giving residents an opportunity to rethink our streets as public space. With almost one hundred businesses, community groups, and performers on the street – there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

200 volunteers needed for Open Streets Northeast and this is one of the last few Open Streets! Don’t miss out

Volunteering is the best way to experience Open Streets Minneapolis.Get your free 2017 Open Streets Mpls T-shirt & mystery coupon by volunteering in a new role- Event HostsBreak-down crew (the shortest shift!), a Pop-up Protected Bikeway Crew Memberhttp://www.openstreetsmpls.org/northeast_pop_up or another important role! There are many fun volunteer options to choose from, but hurry…the last day to sign up is tomorrow. It’s a great way for families, neighbors, and friends to volunteer together. Sign up for a shift today!

Open Streets Northeast August 6th, 2017 11:00am – 5:00pm

Councilmember Kevin Reich’s Ward 1 July Newsletter

Council Member’s Message

We’ve all heard the old joke that Minnesota has two seasons: winter and road construction. That might not seem so funny this year as we negotiate detours, street reconstruction projects, and sewer and utility work all across the city. Despite the short term pain, however, we as a community stand to gain much in terms of long term benefit from the key investments we’re making in our city infrastructure this summer.

In addition to major work being done on Washington Avenue, Nicollet Mall and the Lowry Avenue Tunnel, Ward 1 has a number of construction projects in process. I fought hard to get 18th Avenue NE from Johnson to Lowry included in the City’s capital improvement plan. When work is completed at the end of this season, this gateway street will include a new road surface, curb and gutter, boulevards and a separated pedestrian/bicycle path, offering a significantly improved and more accessible transit experience for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

Other projects currently progressing in Ward 1 include the Waite Park Concrete Streets Rehab and the Northtown Bridge. The concrete streets are a legacy from the 1960s, when they represented a new and much more long lasting option than asphalt. Now, newly developed rehabilitation techniques are allowing us to upgrade and preserve them.  Meanwhile the Northtown Bridge project is nearing completion. Click HERE to visit the project website, which features a live webcam so you can follow the process.  All of these projects have additional benefits as well in that they allow us the opportunity to upgrade sewer and utility infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

No one can deny that construction is frustrating, but it’s always good to remember that they also represent our budget in action and that these are investments for the long term.

Council Member Reich Response to Justine Damond Shooting

I want to express my deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of Justine Damond, who was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer on Saturday night. I cannot imagine the pain. My heart is with all who knew her. Several days after the shooting, it is shocking how little we know about the events that transpired that night. I am profoundly frustrated both as a Council Member and as a citizen of Minneapolis, and I know I share that frustration with many across our city. At a time when we are all on edge and grappling with the reality of a national and local pattern of police violence, particularly toward people of color, we deserve more than what we are being given by those in charge of this investigation.

Of the many critical, unanswered questions, chief among them is why both body cameras of the officers involved were turned off at the time of the shooting. Our reforms mean nothing if they are not adhered to, and based on the small pieces of information we’ve learned, it appears that could have been the case on Saturday night. That is enormously disturbing. If we allow procedure and accountability to be skirted, more people will die unnecessarily. It’s painful, but it’s that simple.

I remain fully committed to working with my colleagues on the City Council and the Mayor to pursue additional reforms, including more robust de-escalation training, extended mentoring, strong accountability mechanisms for not following protocol, automatic initiation of cameras, and strengthening enforcement of these reforms wherever we possibly can. As the investigation into the events on Saturday moves forward, I will do everything in my power to make sure that it is thorough, timely, and more transparent than it has been up to this point.

City of Minneapolis Minimum Wage Ordinance

The City Council approved a municipal minimum wage ordinance on June 30 that requires large employers to pay Minneapolis workers $15 an hour in five years and gives small employers seven years to reach the target wage. There will be a tiered phase-in period for small and large businesses. Large businesses are defined as having more than 100 employees and small businesses as 100 or fewer workers.

 To be consistent with State law, the minimum wage policy will apply to anyone who works in Minneapolis for any amount of time. The minimum wage will be indexed to inflation after the target $15 an hour wage is reached. The ordinance does not include an exception for tipped workers in the hospitality industry; all workers will be subject to the minimum wage, regardless of tips, consistent with the State policy.

The City’s Department of Civil Rights will oversee enforcement of the municipal minimum wage. The ordinance also includes a private cause of action allowing an employee or employees to bring a civil action in district court for violations of the ordinance.

There are more than 84,000 people in Minneapolis with incomes below the federal poverty level. An increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour would benefit 23 percent of workers in Minneapolis (about 71,000) people. Low-wage workers of color will disproportionately benefit from the wage increase. Increasing the minimum wage is one of the primary tools the City has to reduce economic and racial disparities — one of the most pressing issues facing Minneapolis.

Find more information here.

New Ward One Protected Bikeway

This summer will see the installation of Ward One’s newest protected bikeway on 27th Avenue NE from University Avenue to Marshall Street NE. This route has been part of the Marshall Terrace Neighborhood NRP Action Plan and the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan and is expected to encourage biking and walking on this street while mitigating the impacts of automobile and truck traffic.

The bikeway will be located on the existing street, separated from motor vehicle traffic by pavement markings and plastic posts. While there will be parking removals, commercial loading requirements at one neighborhood business will be accommodated.

This project is being funded through Marshall Terrace Neighborhood Revitalization Program funds, a Hennepin County Bikeways grant, and City of Minneapolis Protected Bikeways Program funds. For more information, visit http://www.minneapolismn.gov/bicycles/projects/WCMSP-194172.

Affordable Housing Project in Holland Neighborhood

The July 11 Community Development & Regulatory Services (CDRS) Committee meeting featured a robust discussion about affordable housing and what is needed to ensure long term affordability within the city. The agenda item that prompted the discussion was related to the City’s Minneapolis Homes Long Term Affordability program and land sales through the Development Assistance program.

These programs are part of a City strategy to achieve infill development on City-owned vacant lots. Development Assistance funds up to $70,000 of development gap and $5000 of down payment assistance for new construction for projects that remain affordable to households at or below 115% of area median income (AMI). The Long Term Affordability Homebuyer Financing funds up to $25,000 of affordability gap for projects that remain affordable to households at or below 80% of area median income (AMI) for a 30-year period, renewed upon each property sale.

As part of this agenda item, Council Members were asked to vote to approve the sale of 22 properties to developers as part of this program, including one located at 2631 6th Street NE in the Holland neighborhood of Ward 1. Council Members and CPED staff had a spirited discussion about how effective these city programs are at ensuring long term affordability and whether they needed to be modified to better meet the needs of low income buyers.

The ultimate decision was to postpone 20 of the property sales to allow staff time to clarify the programs’ goals and requirements. At CM Reich’s request, the sale of 2631 6th Street NE and another property being purchased by City of Lakes Community Land Trust (CLCLT) were allowed to go forward. Because CLCLT retains ownership of the land while selling the home to an income-qualified buyer, they can ensure perpetual affordability. Since there is no question that this development model clearly meets the City’s goal of long term affordability, these two projects will be moving forward and the Holland neighborhood will be welcoming a new, affordable single-family home.

Complete Streets Policy Update

City of Minneapolis Transportation Planning staff presented a report about implementation of the City’s new Complete Streets Policy at a recent Transportation & Public Works Committee meeting. The Complete Streets Policy is a modal priority framework that prioritizes public right-of-way use. The policy is expected to inform all aspects of the City’s Transportation planning moving forward.

The recent Complete Streets report highlighted improvements that have already been implemented as a result of the policy, specifically calling out new processes to expedite sidewalk clearance in the winter season (an innovation that was piloted in Ward 1) and the City’s new crosswalk marking protocol. Other impacts of the Complete Streets Policy include a Winter Maintenance study currently being undertaken to assess best practice methods of maintaining the accessibility of sidewalks, bike paths and streets during winter. The City is also partnering with Minneapolis Public Schools on a Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan.

Welcome Ward 1 Summer Intern Jada Lewis

Recent Edison grad Jada Lewis has joined the Ward 1 team as a summer intern. She will be a freshman at Augsburg College this fall, studying to become a high school history teacher with an emphasis on Black history. Her future plans include returning to Edison High School to teach.

Jada was a dominating track star during her time at Edison, helping her team win three State titles and one 2nd place title. While competing for their most recent State Championship, Jada and her teammates Linda Senaphanh, Jia Lewis and Caliyah Rush set a new state record of 48.18 in the 4X100 relay.

She also found time to play basketball, manage the boys football team and excel in Edison’s International Baccalaureate program. This spring she was awarded the Athena Award for outstanding female athlete and the Edison Community & Sports Foundation Pete Guzy scholarship.

As part of the Ward 1 team, Jada has been assisting with community outreach and engagement, as well as constituent services and communications.  One of the projects she’s been working on is a Ward 1 New Resident Resource Guide. She’s also attended committee and council meetings to become more familiar with the workings of municipal government.

 Jada recently had the opportunity to join Temi Ogunrinde (pictured at left) of the 2019 Minneapolis Final Four Local Organizing Committee to brainstorm strategies for engaging youth across the City in this upcoming event.

In addition to her work in the Ward 1 Office, Jada has been involved in working on a research paper for her Act Six scholarship. She’s been working with a cadre of scholarship recipients exploring how to get more teachers of color in our school districts. Jada’s portion of this work dealt specifically with North and Northeast Minneapolis schools.

Tuesday, August 1 is National Night Out

National Night Out

National Night Out is an annual nationwide event that encourages residents to get out in the community, holding block parties and getting to know their neighbors as a way to encourage crime prevention. It’s a great way to promote community-police partnerships and enjoy a Minnesota summer evening surrounded by friends and family. For more information, see the Minneapolis NNO mission statement. Minneapolis was ranked #1 among all U.S. cities over 250,000 population in 2016.

Registering Your Event & Closing Your Street

For people planning a neighborhood gathering, there are important deadlines for registering their events with the City and for blocking off their streets or alleys. Last year more 1,500 events were registered with the City. It is free to participate in National Night Out.

Registering a National Night Out event and applying to close a street or alley is a single online process. Or they can register their events and apply for street closure by calling 311. Organizers who register their events will get free Mystery Point Passes for Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America. Registration also places events on the official list of National Night Out events that gets distributed to police and other departments. (There’s no guarantee police will be able to visit each event.)

Deadlines to apply for street or alley closure

Note: Not every street can be blocked off. Generally, bus routes and high traffic streets cannot be used for block events. Street closure requires the permission of 75 percent of neighbors; applicants should keep their names and addresses handy in case the permit application needs to be reviewed. Signatures are not required.


Save the Date

Solar Power Hour

Wednesday, July 26, 4 p.m., Insight Brewing, 2821 E. Hennepin Ave. All are invited to a free, one-hour info session on solar for your home, community solar, and solar for businesses. Topics covered include potential savings, available incentives and how to select an installer.

Marshall Flats Grand Opening

Wednesday, July 26, 5 – 7 p.m., Marshall Flats, 2525 NE 2nd St. Join elected officials, Clare Housing representatives and community members to celebrate the opening of 100 units of affordable housing dedicated to those suffering from HIV/AIDS. For more information and to register, click HERE.

Northeast Library Live Show: Nocturnal Adaptation

Saturday, July 29, 2 – 3 p.m., NE Library, 2200 Central Avenue NE. Minnesota Zoo is partnering on this show about the amazing adaptations of nocturnal animals.

For reasonable accommodations or alternative formats please contact Lisa Brock at[email protected] or 612-673-2201. People who are deaf or hard of hearing can use a relay service
to call 311 agents at 612-673-3000. TTY users can call 612-673-2157 or 612-673-2626.

Para asistencia 612-673-2700 •  Rau kev pab 612-673-2800 • Hadii aad Caawimaad u baahantahay

Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page.

Sick and Safe Time Ordinance Takes Effect July 1

Most Workers in Minneapolis Now Get Sick Time Off

For healthy workers, healthy businesses and healthy communities, a new ordinance protecting time off for people who get sick and work in Minneapolis takes effect July 1. Employers with six or more workers will be required to provide time off at a minimum threshold of at least one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked. Employers with five or fewer workers must also provide sick time, but it may be unpaid. The goal of the ordinance is to protect public health and prevent workers from being penalized because of illness or a need to care for a sick loved one.

Until this law took effect, four out of 10 Minneapolis workers lacked access to paid sick time.

With some exceptions, the new ordinance governs all employers in Minneapolis and includes full-time, part-time and temporary workers and paid interns.​ Other requirements include:

  • Workers may use leave for their own health and certain family members’ health.
  • Victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking may use leave to receive medical treatment and other necessary services.
  • Workers may use leave to care for family members during emergency closure of school or place of care, including for inclement weather.
  • Workers will accrue one hour of leave for every 30 hours worked until they accrue 48 hours per year or 80 hours overall including carryover during additional years.

Paid time off, sick, vacation or other types of leave used at employee discretion often qualify as “sick and safe time.” Employees who already receive such leave in sufficient amounts do not receive additional time off under the new law. The 40 percent of employees – often part-time workers – who previously lacked such access will now receive it, and the ordinance creates a minimum standard of protection for everyone.

Paid sick and safe time is intended to:

  • Ensure that workers can address their own health needs and the health needs of their families.
  • Reduce public and private health care costs by enabling workers to seek early and routine medical care for themselves and their family members.
  • Make Minneapolis a more secure and productive community.
  • Safeguard the public welfare, health, safety and prosperity of Minneapolis’ residents, workers and visitors.

People who work in Minneapolis whose employers don’t provide the sick and safe time required by the new law can call 311 or visit www.minneapolismn.gov/sicktimeinfo to ask a question or file a complaint with the Labor Standards Enforcement Division of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights.

Note: In a lawsuit brought against the City of Minneapolis in the case of Minnesota Chamber of Commerce et al v. City of Minneapolis, Court File No. 27-cv-16-15051, the Hennepin County District Court issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the City of Minneapolis from enforcing the Sick and Safe Time Ordinance against any “employer resident outside the geographic boundaries of the City.” This case is currently on appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. This temporary injunction order will be applied until further action of the court.

Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program newsletter

Arts, Culture & the CE

July 5, 2017

Please note: The July 7 Coffee Talk community office hours have been cancelled and re-scheduled for Wednesday, July 19 at 10 a.m.

Welcome to the City of Minneapolis Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program newsletter. Here you will find information on program and partner related news and updates, opportunities, events, and special announcements.

Sign up for the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program newsletter atwww.minneapolismn.gov/coordinator/arts.


National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant


The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Our Town grant program supports creative placemaking projects that help to transform communities into lively, beautiful, and resilient places – achieving these community goals through strategies that incorporate arts, culture, and/or design. Complete description at: www.arts.gov/grants-organizations/our-town.

NEA Our Town Arts Engagement, Cultural Planning, and Design Projects require two primary partners; a nonprofit organization and a local government entity. One of these two primary partners must be a cultural (arts or design) organization. Matching grants range from $25,000 to $200,000.

Each local government — whether applying as the lead applicant or as the primary partner with a nonprofit organization — is limited to two (2) applications. Based on the NEA guidelines, the City of Minneapolis will select up to two (2) projects to apply for/partner with.

The deadline for the City of Minneapolis process is August 1, 2017.

Gulgun Kayim, Director, Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program at the City of Minneapolis will host two informational sessions about partnering with the City on an Our Town application.

RSVP to Jenny at [email protected]minneapolismn.gov.

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Artists selected for Bde Maka Ska public art project

Bde Maka Ska

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the City of Minneapolis’ Art in Public Places program are collaborating on a public art project in conjunction with construction improvements for Bde Maka Ska. The project focuses on creating a gathering space and public art to honor Mahpiya Wicasta/Cloud Man and reveal and celebrate the history of Heyata Otunwe, a village located on Bde Maka Ska from 1829-1839. The theme of the design is “Story Awakening” with an intention to honor and educate visitors about the broader history and culture of the Dakota and other Indigenous peoples who frequented and resided in this area over time.

The project was selected by a panel comprised of community members, arts and architecture professionals and the project’s design team. This group reviewed 16 applications and selected artists to work together on the project:

  • Angela Two Stars – Descendant of Cloud Man (Mahpiya Wicasta), member of Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe, born and raised on the Lake Traverse reservation of Sisseton, SD. Currently lives in East Lansing, MI. Graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI with a BFA in Drawing and Printmaking.
  • Mona Smith – Visual and multimedia artist of Dakota heritage. Currently lives in Minneapolis. Artist lead and co-founder of Healing Place Collaborative, Owner of Allies: Media/Art, past program coordinator for the National Indian AIDS Media Consortium, and creator of the Bdote Memory Map.
  • Sandy Spieler – Visual artist. Currently lives in Minneapolis. Founder and director of the annual May Day Parade and Ceremony at Powderhorn Park, 30-year advocate for issues pertaining to water, and recipient of a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellowship.
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Announcing Nicollet Lanterns by Blessing Hancock


Rendering (left) by James Corner Field Operations showed a series of lighted globes. Illuminated mock-up of stainless steel lantern form by Blessing Hancock (right) features cut-out text of original poems by Minneapolis writers.

Twelve illuminated sculptures on the west side of Nicollet Mall between 6th and 8th Streets will feature powerful contemporary poems by Minneapolis writers Junauda Petrus, Moheb Soliman, Sagirah Shahid and R. Vincent Moniz Jr. (Nu’Eta).

Nicollet Lanterns, a collaboration between interdisciplinary fields, speaks to the city’s diversity and celebrates new perspectives and viewpoints.

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NEA Upcoming Application Deadlines

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Art Works II: Local Arts Agencies deadline is quickly approaching.

The work of Local Arts Agencies can cover a wide range of activity, depending on the dynamics of the community. There are two broad types of projects eligible for support: programming activities, which can include commissioning, presenting, and exhibiting art works; and services to the field activities, which can include planning and technical assistance.

Amount: Matching grants generally range from $10,000 to $100,000
DeadlineJuly 13, 2017

Visit the NEA website to see the complete list of grant opportunities.

Energy: Made Here Open Call

Made Here

Hennepin Theatre Trust is accepting artists’ submissions for the fall/winter 2017 Made Here Showcases.

Made Here, a project of the Trust, temporarily fills empty storefronts and commercial spaces that are in transition with art by local artists, turning WeDo™ – the West Downtown MPLS  Cultural District — into a walkable urban art gallery.

The theme for the fall/winter Showcases is “Energy.” For this round, artists and artist groups are invited to submit proposals for window Showcase displays that interpret this theme. Open to your creativity, your installation might be an exploration of the forces that inspire you, thoughts on what powers our world or a display about what drives your creative practice.

Information sessionJuly 19, 6-8 p.m., Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Main Building, 2501 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404.
Amount: $500
DeadlineAugust 14, 2017

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Looking to diversify your Board of Directors?

Board Repair image

Join Board Repair for the 2017 Board Recruitment Fair!

August 21, Board Recruitment Fair5:30 – 7:30 p.m., Courtyard Marriott, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55454.

Formed in 2014, Board Repair’s mission is to create a more effective nonprofit sector by increasing participation of people of color on boards in the Twin Cities.

Calling Northside Artists for FLOW Northside Arts Crawl


The 12th Annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl is the last weekend of July. Apply online to get involved as a visual or performing artist.

FLOW North Side Arts Crawl seeks artists of all genres, ages and experience in the North Minneapolis Community to be a part of this year’s Art Crawl.

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Freedom Friday at Freedom Square

Jovonta Patton

It’s officially summer! The return of Freedom Fridays is here!

Join West Broadway Business & Area Coalition for an evening of live music, community and Food trucks every Friday at Freedom Square.

July 7, 7-10 p.m.Jovonta Patton2034 West Broadway Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411.

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exhibition images

Receptacle is an exhibition that features work by thirteen Somali American visual artists, and, at its core, serves to activate the site of exhibition through direct engagement and participation of its audience beyond the show. Central to the focus of their work, participating artists — throughout the creative process —will use every opportunity to embed avenues for collaboration with their audience. This artistic exercise and the final program acts as a receptacle for gathering questions, fostering appreciation, and incubating new ideas while ensuring a valuable connection between place and people.

July 8, 4-8 p.m., Opening Ceremony, Chase House, Comm. Room (2nd floor), 1530 S 6th St., Minneapolis, MN 55454.

July 15, 4-8 p.m., Reception, Chase House, Comm. Room (2nd floor), 1530 S 6th St., Minneapolis, MN 55454.

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Hip Hop at The Commons

The Commons

Green Minneapolis is hosting four free hip hop dance classes this season at The Commons, with the first two at the end of this week.

FREE and open to kids and teens.

Join instructors from House of Dance Twin Cities as they demonstrate and teach Breakin’, Popping, House, Krump and other styles of Hip Hop dance. All ages and skill levels welcome.

Hip Hop Dance at The Commons:

Time: 5-6 p.m.
Location: The Commons, 425 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415.

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X Games makes Minneapolis debut

Family-Friendly Entertainment, Musical Performances and Local Visual Artists to Complement World-Class Action Sports Competition

X Games and local art

Photo credits: X Games/ESPN (left), MINN_LAB (right)

Minneapolis is gearing up for a megadose of extreme sports. The city is hosting the X Games July 13-16 at U.S. Bank Stadium with additional events taking place at the stadium’s plazas, The Commons and Mall of America.

A premier action sports event with some of the best athletes in the world competing to win bronze, silver and gold medals along with prize money, the X Games is making its Midwest debut with four days full of BMX, skateboarding and motocross competitions.

Drawing from the deep pool of Twin Cities talent, X Games has teamed up with the several visual artists who will be bringing their skills to X Games Minneapolis with live painting and large scale installations.

Located at the main entry of the music venue, the City of Minneapolis sponsored Creative City Challenge will showcase an impressive installation featuring “Orbacles” by MINN_LABdesigned to inform visitors of the effects of climate change on bird species and activate the senses through sound, smell and water.

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Coming up

Join Gulgun Kayim, Director of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy for office hours in the community, Fridays from 9-10:30 a.m. Dates and locations listed below.

Please note: The July 7 Coffee Talk community office hours have been cancelled and re-scheduled for Wednesday, July 19 at 10:00 a.m. at Cafe Southside, 3405 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Because July is a busy travel month, please note July 19 office hours are scheduled for Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.  

July 19Coffee Talk10-11:30 a.m., Cafe Southside, 3405 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis.

July 28Coffee Talk9-10:30 a.m., Mapps Coffee, 1810 Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis.

Ward One News

Ward 1 News from Minneapolis Council Member Kevin Reich
Visit us at www.minneapolismn.gov/ward1

June 2017


Kevin Reich
350 S. 5th St.
City Hall, Room 307
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Phone: 612-673-2201

[email protected]


Audubon Park
Columbia Park
Logan Park
Marshall Terrace
Mid-City Industrial
Northeast Park
Waite Park
Windom Park

City of Lakes

Council Member’s Message

Summer is a precious time in Minnesota and I can think of few better ways to kick it off than the celebration of the Northeast Middle School Green Campusthat was held at the end of May. This project is the result of a stellar collaboration between Audubon Neighborhood Association (ANA), Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO), and represents the next generation of sustainably landscaped school campuses inspired by the Edison Green Campus. Community and school leadership, the enthusiasm and engagement of the students, and the far-sighted vision of MWMO to create connections between youth, community and sustainability have all come together to create what will be an amenity and teaching tool for both the school and the community for years to come.

In other Northeast Middle School news, I had the opportunity to meet with NEMS English Learner students in June to talk about the current minimum wage issue. According to AmeriCorps tutor Eric Tasch, these students spent the past year learning writing skills as applied to issues highly relatable to their lives by summarizing news articles, writing reports and conducting interviews. I felt privileged to hear their perspectives on the minimum wage debate and witness their developing critical thinking skills in action and I was pleased to be able to participate in broadening their understanding of the role of municipal government.

This summer also marks the kick-off of a Minneapolis Health Department Healthy Living Initiative: Community-Driven Solutions for Healthy Foods Access in Northeast Minneapolis. This project focuses on the neighborhoods of Holland, Logan Park, Bottineau, Sheridan and St. Anthony East, communities that were identified through initial conversations with community stakeholders and data indicators such as income levels and rates of diet-related chronic diseases. It’s objective is to identify strategies to support healthy food access in Northeast and plan implementation of those strategies beginning this fall.

The Health Department and advisory group members will be carrying out resident engagement activities throughout the summer, with a special focus on connecting with specific racial and ethnic groups, youth, older adults, renters and low-income residents. Keep an eye on my upcoming newsletters and announcements for information about summer events related to this initiative and ways to get involved.

Kevin Reich Signature

Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program newsletter

Arts, Culture & the CE

June 7, 2017

Welcome to the City of Minneapolis Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program newsletter. Here you will find information on program and partner related news and updates, opportunities, events, and special announcements.

Sign up for the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program newsletter atwww.minneapolismn.gov/coordinator/arts.


Creative City Challenge winner debuts at Northern Spark opening ceremonyJune 10


‘Orbacles’ connects directly with visitors about climate change through the story of birds

Everyone is invited to come for the Northern Spark opening ceremony and stay up all night in the name of art; the annual dusk-to-dawn arts festival kicks off with an opening ceremony at 8:30 p.m., June 10 in The Commons, located at Portland Avenue and Fourth Street. The event will feature poetry, music from the MacPhail Community Choir, and Mayor Betsy Hodges introducing “Orbacles” along with the artists who created it: MINN_LAB, the Creative City Challenge winners. The opening ceremony launches the entire Northern Spark festival and activates many more creative projects. The ceremony is FREE and open to the public.

Under this year’s Northern Spark theme of Climate Chaos | People Rising, “Orbacles” connects directly with visitors about climate change through the story of birds and the language of our senses. Its orb structures communicate the interconnected transformation of land and water and the shift of birds due to species loss and migration related to climate effects.

MINN_LAB is a collaborative design studio comprising Ross Altheimer, Kirk Davis, Robert Hunter, Daniel Keefe, Katie Loecken, Andrea Johnson, Seth Johnson, Mike McGrath, Patrick Moe, Maura Rockcastle, Marc Swackhamer, and Aaron Wittkamper.

The opening ceremony and creative projects in The Commons are presented by the City of Minneapolis and Northern Spark. This year marks the fifth annual Creative City Challenge, a collaboration among the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program of the City of Minneapolis, the Commons, Northern Lights.mn and the Northern Spark festival. The opening ceremony is presented by Northern Spark and the City of Minneapolis.

Northern Spark

From sunset June 10 to sunrise June 11, Northern Spark 2017 will explore the effects of climate change through participatory projects in neighborhoods along Metro Transit’s Green Line. Since 2011 thousands of Minnesotans and visitors have enjoyed Northern Spark, an annual all-night arts festival illuminating public spaces and streets of Minneapolis and Saint Paul with video projections, temporary installations and experimental performances. Northern Spark is produced by Northern Lights.mn.

Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy

The Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program leverages the creative sector toward social and economic growth in the City of Minneapolis; coordinates arts and creative economy activities; works with the Minneapolis Arts Commission; collaborates with City departments on eliminating racial disparities; and develops arts, culture and creative industry policies and programs for the City of Minneapolis.

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Nimbus: Monumental Key Feature for Nicollet Mall by Tristan Al-Haddad


Nimbus by Tristan Al-Haddad

Tristan Al-Haddad is creating a sculptural complement to the Theater in the Round at the Minneapolis Central Library as part of the re-design of Nicollet Mall. The piece, constructed like an airplane wing and cantilevering 45-feet over the sidewalk, will create a visceral experience of light, form, and phenomena.

Read all about Al-Haddad’s work and see renderings and construction drawings of Nimbus at the Nicollet Mall Public Art blog.


Forecast’s 2018 Mid-Career Project Grant will open for applications on June 15, 2017!

Forecast Public Art

The Forecast 2018 Mid-Career Project Grant supports the creation of a new publicly accessible temporary or permanent artwork anywhere in the state of Minnesota by a Minnesota-based mid-career public artist. Projects may be in any form or discipline, including performance, dance, storytelling, photography, film, sculpture, painting, etc. The grant-funded period is January 2018 – May 2019.

Starting June 15, the application will be available at: https://forecastpublicart.submittable.com/submit

Amount: $50,000
Deadline: RFQ Deadline July 18, 2017

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Calling Northside Artists for FLOW Northside Arts Crawl

Calling Northside Artists

The 12th Annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl is the last weekend of July. Apply online to get involved as a visual or performing artist.

FLOW North Side Arts Crawl seeks artists of all genres, ages and experience in the North Minneapolis Community to be a part of this year’s Art Crawl.

If you need hands on help with getting involved this summer attend an info-session:
Wednesday, June 14th: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Wednesday, July 12th: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Wednesday, August 9th: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

1011 West Broadway Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

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RFP for Public Art Project at the Minnesota Veterans Home in Minneapolis

MN State Arts Board

The Minnesota State Arts Board, on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, requests proposals from working, professional artists or artist–led teams for permanent, site–specific public artwork at the Minnesota Veterans Home, Minneapolis.

The deadline to submit questions regarding this RFP is 4:30 P.M. (CT), June 20, 2017.

Amount: $155,415, all-inclusive with a $5,000 finalist design proposal contract
Deadline: June 29

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12th Annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl, July 27 – 29


Since 2006, FLOW Northside Arts Crawl has become both a community celebration and premier art event in North Minneapolis. FLOW is a non-juried, self-guided tour of studios, galleries, theaters, commercial and vacant spaces over a mile and half of the West Broadway corridor.

FLOW Northside Arts Crawl: July 27-29, 2017

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Coming up

Join Gulgun Kayim, Director of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy for office hours in the community, Fridays from 9-10:30 a.m. Dates and locations listed below.

June 9, Coffee Talk, 9-10:30 a.m., Cafe Southside, 3405 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis.

July 7, Coffee Talk, 9-10:30 a.m., Mapps Coffee, 1810 Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis.

July 28, Coffee Talk, 9-10:30 a.m., Cafe Southside, 3405 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Supporting Immigrants in Our Community

The NE Network has invited Lynn Olson, the director of Language Central to speak about the human impact of immigration laws right here in Minneapolis.

Lynn is the Director of Language Central, a non-profit school for adult immigrants and refugees desiring to learn English.
Thursday, June 8, 2017

7:30 am – 8:30 am

Eastside Food Co-op
2551 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis 55418

To register, please visit https://northeastnetwork.eventbrite.com