Logan Park Bylaws

Bylaws Update:  The Bylaws were approved by the Logan Park Neighborhood Association at the May 15th, 2019 Annual Meeting.   Thank you to all who worked on revising this document!



The Logan Park Neighborhood Association has re-drafted the bylaws with the help of a legal team provided by they City of Minneapolis. These bylaws will be presented to the Logan Park Neighborhood for approval at the annual meeting on May 15th, 2019. Major changes include:

  • Term Limits: Director term limits are 6 years per term then a one year break is required.  No limit on number of terms.  Officer term limits are 4 years, a one year break is required.
  • Grievance policy: New grievance policy included
  • Board directors: Minimum number is 9, Maximum is 11



Download our previous bylaws version :