LPNA Development Committee

Per our 2019 Strategic Planning process, the Logan Park Neighborhood Association created a committee to evaluate new development proposals for the neighborhood. We aspire to review new developments with the lens of our Small Area Plan. Our criteria is listed below, you can view a copy of our Copy of Scoring Matrix here.

Evaluation criteria for proposed development projects 


To come up with a transparent and repeatable process with standard evaluation criteria for development requests. Our criteria checklist is based on our Logan Park Neighborhood Small Area Plan and the Minneapolis 2040 plan. 

We will add the criteria document to our website so developers who are looking for neighborhood support can review ahead of time and provide their responses to the criteria back to the LPDC – either in person at a meeting, in an online meeting or in a document. We will also share our document and process with our councilmembers and CPED to give context to our process and thinking.


  • The LPDC will review a proposal based on our 7 criteria
  • Each LPDC member will assign a score (on a 1-5 scale) for each of our seven criteria areas and add any relevant comments to each as desired. 
  • Those scores will be averaged and sent along with any comments to the LPNA Board, who will then review and vote on the project response. 
  • The board may or may not vote the same as the LPDC but will take into consideration the scores and comments from the LPDC. If the Board differs significantly from the LPDC suggestion then there should be supporting documentation.
  • The LPNA board response document will then be shared with the relevant stakeholders, The LPNA Board will include the average LPDC score and a summary of the notes.

Project Evaluation Criteria:

Balanced Mix of Living & Working Spaces 

Does this proposal help Logan Park maintain a healthy mix of buildings, residents, businesses, and public spaces? Does it keep walkability in mind?

Resilient & Adaptive Neighborhood

Does this proposal help Logan Park weather social, economic, and environmental changes while still retaining its essential character and identity? Does it promote good community and neighborhood development?

Center for Creative Activity, Creative Spaces & Creative Solutions 

Does this proposal contribute to the creative arts environment that is unique to Logan Park as the heart of the NE Arts District?

Balance Between Preservation, Adaptation & New Construction

Does this proposal help Logan Park strike a balance between preservation (e.g. our working class roots), adaptation, and new construction?

Community Connections

Does this proposal help build connections to and through the neighborhood? Will there be a continued partnership with the neighborhood?

Specifically: When the project is completed, will management promote and encourage renters and business owners to participate in neighborhood activities? Specifically:

1.       Allow access of newsletter delivery

2.       Ensure communication between Building Management and Neighborhood Director

3.       Allow an on-premise neighborhood meeting once a year for building residents to connect with the surrounding community.

Parks/Public Space

Does this proposal include parks or public spaces? Does it help to revitalize/reinvent community spaces?


Does this proposal cultivate local capacity and collaboration? Do project members have connections to Logan Park or NE Minneapolis?

Copy of Scoring Matrix