Logan Park Gathering Space Project Update

June 27, 2024

Logan Park Neighborhood Association is reactivating the Gathering Space Bench Project. We will reintroduce the project with new renderings in the September edition of our neighborhood newsletter.  As a refresher, the open-circular, multi-level bench is intended to attract folks to sit and interact. Colored lights within the bench will be timed for evening and night time hours adding a glowing ambience to the park. The bench will be set in an alcove of natural trees and small plantings.

The purpose of The Gathering Space is to provide a new experience in the park, a place for neighbors to meet new friends. The local artist who designed the artwork was inspired to create an outdoor “third space” to bring people together. This was not just in response to the pandemic, but also as a way for us to take a break from digital devices and get to know each other. The artist incorporated motifs of local fauna as a way to remind us we are still part of the natural world.  

The funding for this project is from the NRP, Minneapolis’ Neighborhood Revitalization Program. For over 25 years, the NRP has funded many projects in our neighborhood including: The Park Performance Pavilion, murals, wading pool improvements, the Shelter Initiative, Tool Library classes, Home Improvement loans and grants, air quality monitors, the Security Rebate Program – and many other projects!  

If you have ideas for projects, please share your thoughts at LPNA meetings and/or by contacting LPNA.