Mpls transportation plan 2040

The City is updating its Transportation Action Plan

The City of Minneapolis is updating its Transportation Action Plan, which will replace Access Minneapolis in full (developed 2007-2011). When complete, the Transportation Action Plan will guide transportation actions for the City and its partners over the next 10 years to realize the vision and policies in the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Goals for the Transportation Action Plan include climatesafetyequityprosperitymobility, and active partnerships. The plan will explore in depth a broad range of topics to support the goals, including:

  • Advanced mobility: Technology is changing the way we travel. The advanced mobility topic will explore how we can integrate technology and new options to reach our transportation goals. Scooters, shared bicycles, and electric vehicles are examples of new mobility options.
  • Pedestrian: The plan will identify actions to make it easier, safer, and more comfortable for people to get around.
  • Bicycle: With an emphasis on establishing a low stress bikeway network for all ages and abilities, we will develop strategies to make biking a choice for more people, as well as improving safety and comfort for those who ride.
  • Transit: A quarter-million transit trips begin, end or travel through Minneapolis each weekday. Transit is a critical part of the city’s transportation network. The transit topic will outline strategies and actions to support a reliable, convenient and comfortable public transit network as part of a broad effort to reach our transportation and climate change goals.
  • Freight: The freight topic will focus on how packages are delivered to people and businesses every day in our city. We will develop strategies and actions to improve the sustainable and efficient movement of freight to, from and through Minneapolis.
  • Street Operations: Our streets need to function efficiently for everyone who travels. The street operations topic will further define how the City’s Complete Streets Policy, commitment to Vision Zero, and climate action goals come together into daily operations and system planning. It will provide a framework for evaluating competing demands within limited street space; achieving this balance will take a comprehensive, people first approach.
  • Street Design: The new street design guide will emphasize the many ways our streets serve people. Streets are important public spaces where we live, travel, shop, wait for the bus, or just hang out every day. We aim to design, build, and maintain streets that are safe, functional, and support the movement of people and goods throughout the city.

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