MRP Backyard by the River

MRP Backyard by the River, October 11, 2016
This is your opportunity to invite your friends to learn more about MRP – a Friendraiser!  It is also a great opportunity to show off the Upper River and hear about the unique stories in this area.  Susan Overson, from the National Park Service, will be talking about the Canoe Sharing Program.  We’ve just enlisted Jack Driscoll, who is steeped in the history of this area, to tell tales of the Red River Oxcart Trail.  This will be a fun opportunity to introduce your friends to the Upper River.

The Eventbrite link is here.  Please share with your friends and encourage them to attend!
At MRP, we know the river. We study it. We tell people about it. We bring people together to celebrate it, to learn about it, and to plan for its future development and use.  Your neighborhood is essential to that work. Your board, your community, and their families are part of that future, and I wanted to make sure your neighborhood is connected to our work and has a voice in our organization.
Kathleen Boe, Executive Director
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