Neighborhood Board Representation Training!

If you are a Person of Color or know a Person of Color interested in joining their neighborhood association or district council, CURA’s Neighborhood Organizing and Leadership Program is looking for participants for a free training to empower and assist them in their journey toward leadership. We are looking for People of Color that want to create change and fight injustice in their community through neighborhood board membership.

The first Board Representation Leadership Training for People of Color will beThursday, February 9, 2017, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at CURA on the University of Minnesota campus, 330 Humphrey, 301 19th Avenue South, 
Minneapolis, MN 55455.

We believe neighborhood residents are the most powerful force against injustice in their community. Our Board Representation Leadership Training for People of Color values recruiting and supporting people of color to join their local neighborhood board to create change in their community and to transform the injustice of not having diverse voices and leadership in neighborhood groups. Our program creates learning sessions and a support networks for people of color join their local neighborhood board and use their power to make their vision for their community a reality through organizing.

Who is this for?

The training is open to people of color who want to join their neighborhood board and create local change so they are prepared to run at their neighborhood association or district council annual meeting elections, or want to inquire about board vacancies in their community.

Register now!

For more information or to register, interested participants should email Malik Holt-Shabazz or call 612-791-7734.

The Board Representation Leadership Training for People of Color offers:

  • Community Organizing 101
  • The Power of YOUR Narrative / Story
  • Neighborhood Association / District Council Board Basics
  • Asking questions about neighborhood associations and district council from a former director of both bodies
  • Relationship building with other board of members and leaders of color
Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing is a program of the The Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA). CURA connects the resources of the University of Minnesota with the interests and needs of urban communities and the region for the benefit of all.