18th Ave NE Reconstruction Project

From the Minneapolis Department of Public Works:


Dear Minneapolis Resident or Business Proprietor:

Spring is here and it’s time for the 18th Ave NE reconstruction project to begin again.  Last fall, we wrapped things up for winter with plans to return and finish starting in the spring.  Items remaining include the removal of the temporary path and placement of the new shared use path on the south side, complete the remaining driveway aprons and pedestrian ramps, plant the grass boulevards, complete the signal work at Monroe St NE and Johnson St NE, remove the asphalt pavement wedges that were installed to protect the curb edges, and place the final layer of asphalt.  Minneapolis Forestry will also plant trees in the new boulevard areas along 18th Ave NE, this is expected to occur in the spring of 2019.  The project area is shown in red on the enclosed map.

You can sign up to receive email project updates on the project web site: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/cip/2017/WCMS1P-147114.

Construction activity for this season is expected to begin with the week of April 16th, weather permitting, and estimated to be substantially completed in early summer 2018. Please understand that the construction schedules are subject to change due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.

If we need to do work on the approach to your driveway, we will notify you in advance of placing your new driveway approach and ask you to park at another location for eight days after concrete placement to allow time for the concrete to cure. During the majority of construction, local access to homes and businesses will be maintained.

As a reminder, our construction activities are likely to cause you some inconvenience, but we are hopeful that you will be patient and understanding as the work progresses. For our part, we will do our best to keep these inconveniences at a minimum.  If you have any questions or concerns about this improvement project, please call me, at 612-673-3762.  You can also contact the Chief Field Inspector on the Project, John Benjamin at 651-443-1096.


  • Our equipment is large and heavy and can be extremely dangerous if one is not alert around it. We urge you to stay at a safe distance at all times. Please, above all, impress upon your children not to go beyond the sidewalk at any time and to stay away from material piles and equipment parked on or near the job site. Please observe all posted detour routes and warning signs and arrange to park on side streets or on another block when work is under way in your immediate area.
  • Help us prevent vandalism during construction. It not only delays the project but adds to the costs. Your cooperation in reporting or preventing such acts is critical and directly benefits you.
  • To save yourself time and money, if you have experienced any problems with your sewer and/or water connection it is recommended that you contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible to correct the problembefore the street is paved. One problem frequently encountered in connection with street paving is the condition and age of the private water and sewer services from the house or business to the City main in the street. Occasionally, because of the age and condition of these services, they may require repair or replacement within a relatively short period of time after the new paving is completed. So, if you are planning to upgrade your water or sewer service, please call me at 673-3762 to coordinate with the project’s schedule.
  • To install new shared use path, we will need to excavate within the City right of way. Please note that the City right of way extends beyond the back of the temporary path on the south side.   After we complete this work we will remove our construction debris and place new topsoil and sod where it was disturbed.  If you have concerns or questions regarding your specific property, contact me or John.

Once again, we ask that you impress upon all children the dangers near construction equipment.  We hope to inconvenience you as little as possible and would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding while your neighborhood is being improved.


Beverly Warmka, P.E.                                                        
Project Manager                                                     
Minneapolis Department of Public Works