Future of Neighborhood Organizations

Minneapolis has over 70 neighborhood organizations currently funded by the city. The current source of this funding ends in 2020. The Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission and the Neighborhood Community Relations Department will be hosting Community Conversations throughout the city in the next few months to discuss the Future of Neighborhood Organizations. These meetings will be open to everyone. The key questions for these conversations will be:

  • What are the unique services provided by neighborhood organizations?
  • What is the role of neighborhood organizations with the City government?
  • What are the major challenges or barriers neighborhood organizations face in serving their communities or partnering with the City?
  • How do we measure the impact of neighborhood work?
  • Do we have the right neighborhood infrastructure (number of neighborhoods, programming, changing demographics, resource availability etc.)?
  • What resources are needed to help support the goal of supporting inclusive, vibrant and effective neighborhood organizations?

Check for updates on these meetings in the LPNA newsletter and website. If you want more info on this process, email or call LPNA. Strong participation is encouraged!