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Clean Sweep 9.18.21

CleanSweep is Back! September 18, 2021 9AM-NOON
Logan Park Neighborhood Association has held a neighborhood CleanSweep almost every year for a quarter of a century. After last year’s hiatus, we’re back at it! And we need your help! Join us Saturday, September 18 from 9AM to noon. It’s sure to be a fun, community event that truly makes a difference!  Plan to wear light or brightly colored, protective clothing as well as gloves and hard-soled shoes with good ankle support. Sunscreen is encouraged as we’ll be outside for the duration of the CleanSweep. A long-sleeved top and long pants are recommended.

The Minneapolis CleanSweep program is a partnership effort between Solid Waste and Recycling and the Logan Park community to help clean up your neighborhood. The entire community can clean out garages, sheds, attics, basements, yards, alleyways and boulevards leaving your area sparkling! Leave your items for pick up in your normal refuse area by 9AM on September 18.

ACCEPTABLE ITEMS include: arm chair, ashes-cold (double bag), clothing (unusable rags) couch, (under 50% metal – no hide-a-bed), carpet, dresser, end table, food scraps furniture parts, glass-broken (double bag, paper, then plastic), household garbage, litter, pet droppings (double bagged), polystyrene foam, saw dust (double bagged), storm doors-wood, venetian blinds, wood storm windows, wood chairs, wood table.

We need volunteers!  Volunteers should meet at the Logan Park Performance Pavilion at 8:45 am on September 18th.  Volunteers will be provided coffee,donuts, and lunch!

There’s A New Performance Pavilion in the Park!

There’s A New Performance Pavilion in the Park!
If you’ve been by Logan Park recently, you’ve noticed something different: a brand-new performance pavilion! The pavilion has been three years in the making, and on Sunday, August 22, 2021 volunteers from the neighborhood, Spark-Y, and members of the Edison High School football team came together to help hoist the massive timbers into place. The timber framed structure will provide space for outdoor gatherings as well as stage performances in the park. Participants and spectators for the many athletic events and activities in Logan Park will also be able to enjoy the pavilion as a gathering area.

Funding for the pavilion was provided by NRP funds, Elim Church, People for Parks, local businesses, and individual donations. This project would not have been possible without numerous, dedicated volunteers and the following community partners: Clark Bremer, Jon Duesman (MPRB), Carrie Christensen (MPRB), Pat Vogel, Mike Ferrin, Kevin Reich,  Mike Vennewitz, Spark-Y Youth Labs (Miranda Wood, Tatiana Hakanson, Sam Menzies), David Salzar and the Edison Football Team. Additional recognition to be made in the October 2021 newsletter.

We are still accepting donations (any amount helps) to help offset the increased costs.
LPNA is a 501c3. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donate to the Pavilion Fund

Logan Park Performance Pavilion Coming this Summer!

Logan Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) with Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) intends to build a timber framed  performance pavilion at Logan Park this Summer! As part of our Neighborhood Priority Planning Process over the last two years, the community has identified Park Projects as a top priority, and creating a focal point for the neighborhood. 

The pavilion will serve multiple purposes. It will serve as a picnic shelter; where residents, schools, and community groups gather for picnics and outdoor events. Participants and spectators for the many athletic activities in the park will enjoy the pavilion as a shady area as well. Perhaps most exciting is the opportunity for performance activities, and bringing a whole new level of engagement to the park and neighborhood. LPNA will work with MPRB to develop programming with local artists and community groups to expand on our already well-attended events such as Movies in the Park and Jazz in the Park.

The most important thing our new performance pavilion will bring is a greater sense of community for all Logan Park residents. We need your help to turn this vision into a reality!  How you can help:

· If you would like to help build the pavilion, please contact us at   with your availability between August 14th – 21st.

· If you would like to provide meals for volunteers, please let us know.

· And finally, if you would like to help fund this project, we need donations!  The following donation thresholds will receive exciting ‘thank you’ gifts – $20 / $50 / $100!  More details to come!

Rendering of the pavilion

Mural Visioning Walk on June 13th at 1 pm

Join us for a Mural Visioning Walk on June 13th at 1 pm! 

Logan Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA), Beltrami Neighborhood Council (BNC), Northeast Park Neighborhood Association (NEPNA) has selected Creatives After Curfew to paint murals on the buildings in Logan Park, Beltrami Park, and Northeast Park this year!

The artists want to kick off the project and meet with neighbors to get ideas for the mural designs through a special “Mural Visioning Walk” on Sunday, June 13th. Meet outside the Logan Park Recreation Center at 1 pm and walk with your neighbors to each mural location. There will be activities and prizes along the way! Meet the artists, share your ideas, and see the planned mural sites.

Schedule for June 13 (if you prefer to drive, bike, or skip the walk)

1:00 pm: Logan Park

1:30 pm: Beltrami Park

2:00 pm: Northeast Park