LPNA Call for Action + Direct Support

June 5th, 2020

The Logan Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) supports the need for change that protesters, starting with our Black neighbors, are tirelessly working toward. Police brutality and the murder of George Floyd have no place in any community, we recognize a systemic problem that exists in specific communities and will work with and support our neighbors toward change. We stand in solidarity with those working for justice and healing in Minneapolis and beyond. 

We request our council member and representatives pursue these concrete short terms steps:

  • Join the chorus of community members and organizations who are calling on Bob Kroll to resign. 
  • Support Indeed Brewing and other local businesses who are requesting changes to the event permitting process – which currently requires they hire off duty officers
  • Show of support for the Minneapolis school board and Park Board who voted to end their relationship with the MPD
  • Enact the “8 can’t wait” policies from the Campaign Zero framework.
  • Support the call for new community-based services for public safety and outreach

We have heard Black organizers ask for direct donations and direct support.

The LPNA believes the trial might call on Darnella Frazier, the young woman that videotaped the killing of George Floyd and whose testimony and videotaped evidence will play a role in the trial of Mr. Floyd. Ms. Frazier’s efforts exposed a crime of humanity and a system that has permitted racial bias to perpetuate, we offer this support to Ms. Frazier as an involved member of her community and a show of support for the emotional trauma she may encounter. This is a self-determining fund that directly supports Darnella and her family. LPNA contribution: $1000 

The LPNA also recognizes the need to support organizations that promote justice for all community members and specifically marginalized ones that encounter individuals hired to protect and serve without brutality or life threatening actions. We encourage and challenge every neighborhood group and resident of our city to align themselves with issues facing our city that have become systemic and no longer tenable as they currently exist.  LPNA contribution to Black Visions Collective: $1000 

These are merely first steps in pursuit of justice, change and policy. We recognize that anti-racism requires continuous action.  LPNA should be a source of advocacy and community, and we recognize now is the time to act, invest and commit to action. LPNA is examining our role in deeply entrenched racism, and we commit ourselves to improving how we serve our community.  We must work together to dismantle the systems that have allowed this violence and injustice to occur, and we join the voices calling for equity and justice in Minnesota.  

-The Logan Park Neighborhood Association Board