Logan Park Encampment Statement from the LPNA Board of Directors

As a board, we commit to engaging with our city, county, and state representatives to advocate that resources and services are provided to the encampment to ensure the safety of the sheltered and unsheltered residents of Logan Park. With homelessness becoming increasingly visible in Minneapolis, the Logan Park Neighborhood Association Board supports the operation of the Logan Park encampment, as permitted by the Minneapolis Park Board and administered by Junail Anderson. During the course of the encampment’s administration, we commit to engagement with local police, city, county, state, and park officials to ensure that the encampment remains safe and well organized.    

We do not believe that park encampments are suitable long-term solutions, and demand effective, pragmatic solutions from the city of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, and the state of Minnesota that will result in sheltering the encampment residents in safe transitional housing as well as long-term housing. We commit to engaging with Junail on a regular basis to maintain visibility into encampment needs, including supplies and specific advocacy actions needed to ensure they are able to operate effectively and peaceably.

-The LPNA Board of Directors 9.3.2020


Please continue to contact your elected officials to share your feedback and ask for permanent, long-term housing for our unsheltered neighbors in the encampment.  You can find a template letter here. or download here.