Reduced Fee Tool Library Classes for Logan Park Residents

Logan Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) has partnered with the MN Tool Library to offer reduced fee classes to Logan Park residents. 

Logan Park residents get  50% off! Use Promo Code LoganPark at checkout.

DIY Toilet Repair / February 15th /  6:30-9 PM / $10
Need some toilet tips? Join Rethos and the Minnesota Tool Library for a crash course in toilet repair. Learn how to diagnose common toilet issues and determine the best course of action. Longtime plumber & teacher Manny Manzano will demonstrate basic repairs. You’ll leave class with the confidence to tackle any flushing frustration that comes your way. Bring your questions, we’ll provide the rest!

 Simple Home Electrical / February 16th / 6:30-9 PM / $22.50
Want to change out that old light fixture? Have a light switch or outlet that doesn’t work?  Learn to make these simple electrical repairs yourself! In this hands-on class you will replace single pole and 3-way light switches, a wall outlet, a light fixture, and learn how to rewire a lamp and test electrical circuits. The class will help you confidently DIY simple electrical repairs that could cost you hundreds of dollars if you hired an electrician. Must-Have knowledge for any home-owner! No electrical experience is required.

Tools of the Trade: Electrical Testing & Measurement, It’s Electric! March 16 / 6-8pm / $15 Learn how to use testing tools like Multimeters, Voltage Detectors, Wattmeters and Component Testers to troubleshoot household repairs.

Just about everything these days has electrical components, and knowing the tools of the trade can empower you to troubleshoot and repair a whole host of things in your house!  In this workshop you’ll learn how to read a number of common electrical test tools, make sense of the various measurements, and pick the right tool for your project.

From diagnosing simple device repairs to large appliance issues, predicting your energy bill and tackling big electricity eaters, to understanding that hot mess of wiring in your wall… electrical testing and measurement tools can keep you safe and be a DIY’ers best friend. Participants will get hands-on experience using Multimeters, Voltage Detectors, Wattmeters and Component Testers to troubleshoot and explore AC powered equipment, DC and battery circuits and a variety of audio and electronic devices.  This is a beginners level class – No prior experience needed! Reserve your spot by purchasing tickets at

Get Your Security Deposit / March 18 / 3-6PM /$12.50
A mix of lecture, demonstration and hands-on experience, this class will prepare you to never lose a security deposit again. Learn the law in MN, how to read your lease, and the top culprits landlords look for that can cost you money. Then roll up your sleeves as our DIY experts show you how to make those minor fixes before you leave. Topics will include fixing blinds, deep cleaning safely, the proper way to patch those nail holes, and repairing broken screens.

Classes held at Northeast Tool Library, Thorpe Building
1620 Central Ave NE Suite #126
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413