Senior Partners Care Program

Senior Partners Care Eliminates Medicare Out of Pocket Costs

Medicare costs can really add up!  There are many Medicare recipients who have incomes that are above the income guidelines to receive Medical assistance, as well as some of the other assistance programs available.  It is important to have a secondary plan in place to assist with the costs that Medicare does not cover.  For example, when you go to a doctor, Medicare covers 80% of that cost.  With nothing else in place, you are responsible for the remaining 20%.  These out of pocket costs can add up quickly.  From my experience, there are many people who cannot afford another plan to accompany Medicare.  Therefore, they don’t go to the doctor.  This will stop their bills from adding up.  This can cause a person’s health to deteriorate. They then become more vulnerable.

Senior Partners Care (SPC) is one of the best kept secrets in Minnesota.  If you are currently enrolled in Medicare, or will be starting soon, please keep reading.  Senior Partners Care is not insurance.  It is a community based program that enables Minnesota Medicare recipients to access the medical care they need. This program bridges the financial gap between their medical bills and their Medicare coverage.  SPC has partnered with most of the major metropolitan area hospitals and hundreds of clinics and providers statewide.  These healthcare providers (SPC Partners) have agreed to accept Medicare as full payment for Medicare covered expenses. They waive the Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

Who is Eligible?

Program Participants must:

  • Have Medicare parts A & B
  • Receive care from participating medical providers
  • Meet income and asset thresholds
  • Submit an application and a $42.00 annual application fee

Senior Partners Care 2016 Financial Guidelines

Persons in family/household Monthly Income

(200% FPG)

Annual Income

(200% FPG)

                                             1 $1,980 $23,760
                                             2 $2,670 $32,760

Liquid assets, excluding a house you live in and one car, cannot exceed $48,600, regardless of household size.

Participants are encouraged to purchase a separate Part D drug plan to cover their prescription drug costs because neither Medicare nor Senior Partners Care covers prescription drugs. 

For program details and applications:

or call 952-767-0665.