Update on the 18th Ave NE Reconstruction project



Concrete Paving

After heavy rain on Monday night, the schedule was pushed back a day. However, Park Construction & Curbmasters finished laying the concrete section of the street between Quincy & Monroe. They followed this by installing concrete curb and driveway aprons between Quincy and Central on Wednesday & Thursday.

The concrete crew use a combination of slip formed curb through a machine and hand poured sections using formwork around intersections, catch basins and driveways. After the concrete has cured, they will continue to prepare the sidewalks for paving and also build up the asphalt layers between the curb to full height. A total of 8 inches more asphalt will be placed between the curb to the finished driving surface.

After the concrete has been laid it will take a number of hours until it can be walked on without leaving marks. Please be extra careful around the fresh concrete while it is being poured and setting. Curbs are sprayed white after installation, this is a curing compound which regulates the moisture content in the concrete while it is setting.


Asphalt Paving

Mid week next week, Park Construction plan to begin laying asphalt from Johnson and heading towards Central Avenue. As they lay the asphalt, it will not be able to be driven on until later in the day when it has cooled and stiffened. We will provide letters to properties through 18th Avenue requesting cars be relocated during paving operations.

Electric conduit

The electrical contractor is also installing gray pvc conduit which will sit behind the curb. This will be used for traffic signals as well as future use.

Xcel Energy

In the coming weeks. Xcel will begin the process of relocating the power poles as the new curb is placed through the project. This will involve planting new poles, transferring cables and removing the old poles to allow the shared use trail to be constructed. Further notice will be provided by Xcel to any customers who may be affected during transfers.

Please be aware once the concrete has been placed it will not be able to be driven over for a minimum of 7 days to allow the concrete to reach sufficient strength. We will speak to the affected business & residential properties prior to placing the concrete to ensure alternate access arrangements are in place.

Further access restrictions will be in place when laying the asphalt paving and concrete curb/driveways through the rest of the project. Notice will be given prior to these being scheduled.

If you have any access concerns please call  651 443 1096 (John Benjamin, Chief Field Inspector) to discuss further.