LPNA Votes No to Proposed Merger

The Logan Park Neighborhood Association conducted a community vote on the proposed merger with Northeast Neighborhood Association and Beltrami Neighborhood Association.  Votes were collected via an online platform and an in-person vote.  The in-person vote was conducted Wed, October 25, 2023.

There were 45 Logan Park voters, 15 voted to approve the merger, 30 voted to reject the merger. This means the Logan Park Neighborhood Association will not merge with Beltrami and Northeast Park.  

Beltrami voted 17-0 in favor of the merger, Northeast Park voted 21-3 in favor of the merger. Beltrami and Northeast Park Neighborhood will become a merged neighborhood association.

We know it was not an easy decision for our neighborhood.  Thank you to everyone for your involvement and patience with this process.   Special thanks to the steering committee and to the Logan Park Board of Directors for all your work.