LPNA Board Votes for Bylaw Change – Community Vote September 20, 2023

The Logan Park Neighborhood Association board voted to change the bylaws at the August 16th, 2023 board meeting.  The community vote will take place at the LPNA general meeting on September 20, 2023.

The board intends to continue the tradition of 10 general meetings a year. This bylaw change will allow for more flexibility and prevent the organization from committing a bylaw violation if a general meeting is cancelled.

Going forward, the general meetings will begin at 6:30pm and allow for 30 minutes of public comments.  If no speaker or topic is on the agenda, the board will use the general meeting time for committee work.

Current Language:
Monthly Member Meetings. Monthly meetings of the members will be held on the third week of each month except December and August.

Proposed Language:
Periodic Member Meetings. Meetings of the members will be held at least 4 times per year.

The full bylaws are available for review online at loganparkneighborhood.org/news-updates/logan-park-bylaws.

Logan Park Neighborhood Association General MeetingWednesday September 20, 2023  6:30pm Public Comment,  7pm Committee Work

Location: Logan Park Recreation Center, 690 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55413 Agenda: LPNA Bylaws Change – Neighborhood Vote